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With more than 40 years of experience, MDR Television Inc in Dallas, Texas, provides TV Infomercial and TV Commercial production tailored to your needs. Additionally, we only work with one dealership per TV market offering you exclusivity for effective advertising.
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TV Infomercials
Be it custom, generic, or subprime, our infomercials differ from the rest due to our specialized approach to ad creation. We make it a point to highlight all positive attributes, focusing more on the quality of your cars, excellent customer service, and dedicated staff. This increases walk-in traffic, service business, and ultimately your return on investment (ROI). Our infomercials run for 30-minutes, and can be promoted and distributed through television or YouTube. Our seasoned media buyers can insure the lowest cost per lead negotiations with your local TV stations. This will result in targeted leads for your dealership and only your dealership. The result is quality leads you can sell vehicles to. Watch our video demo right now on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL. Or request and email link of our demo.

TV Commercials
With MDR Television Inc, your goal is our goal. Thus, our creative team strives to create commercials that are customer-focused and benefit-driven to achieve maximum results for your dealership. We can produce coop-qualified commercials, which means that costs for locally placed advertising are shared between the your dealership and your manufacturer. Whether you need traditional TV commercials or 15-second bookends, we handle it all. We offer full-service TV commercial production for as little as $699, although most of our clients get their commercials made for free each month by allowing our media department to place their TV airtime each month. Our most popular video production program is our MONTHLY SHOOT RETAINER PACKAGE. This program puts our video acquisition team (shoot crew)  at your dealership once per month. Every month we produce any combination of TV Commercials and or TV Infomercials for one monthly fee. Watch our automotive TV commercial right now on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL. Or request and email link of our commercials.

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