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While We Do All The Work, You Keep Selling Cars!

With more than 20 years of experience, MDR Television Inc., in Dallas, Texas, provides TV Infomercial expertise custom tailored to your needs. WE DO ALL THE WORK! You and your dealership staff continue to sell cars while we accomplish what we need to do. This is not our first rodeo. We take charge! Additionally, we only work with one dealership per TV market offering you 100% EXCLUSIVITY for effective advertising.
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100% Custom TV Infomercials
Whether you choose a custom 100% total dealership 30 minute program or a targeted subprime credit program, our specialized, experienced approach to the process will amaze you! Yes, in just 8 hours or less, we will leave your dealership with everything we need to post produce your TV Infomercial. 

It will generate immediate response (SALES LEADS FROM PEOPLE READY TO BUY) each time the show is aired on a local broadcast TV station. Our half hour program will also feature your satisfied customers in a format which motivates other potential customers in the market to also respond. Your TV Infomercial produced by MDR Television Inc., will also drive the TV audience at home to visit your social media platforms as well as your lead capture website. We make it a point to highlight all positive attributes, focusing more on the quality of your cars, excellent customer service, and dedicated staff. This increases walk-in traffic, service business, and ultimately your return on investment (ROI). Our infomercials run for 30-minutes, and can be promoted and distributed through broadcast television, your YouTube channel and your social media platforms. We can also insure the lowest cost per lead negotiations with your local TV stations for your airtime. This will result in targeted leads for your dealership and only your dealership. Watch our video demo right now on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Or request an email link of our demo.

Contact us today in Dallas, Texas, for effective TV Infomercials and TV Commercials by an automotive video production company.

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