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At MDR Television Inc., in Dallas, Texas, our in-house TV Host, Tom LoChiatto has hosted and directed TV Infomercials since day one in the business. His career started in Radio as an Announcer, and News Director. Once he made the move to Television with NBC-TV in Mobile, Alabama it was just a matter of time before he began his on-camera expertise at FOX Television in Tulsa, OK with Automotive TV Infomercials. As Tom tells it, “the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I saw the response of callers to my first TV Infomercial for a Ford store.” The rest is history. Over 1000 TV Infomercials have been produced and tens of thousands of vehicles have been sold since 1997. As technology has changed so has the CALL TO ACTION in our TV productions. But the one thing that has not changed is Tom’s production expertise on each video shoot at each dealership. As host of the show, Tom arrives with his SCRIPT MEMORIZED and ready to deliver. Tom also knows how to put the entire dealership staff at ease in front of a camera and knows how to make each one of them look good. Tom’s experience as a NEWS DIRECTOR shines through when he interviews your customers to get the best performances possible is the shortest amount of time.

Contact MDR Television Inc., for a complete proposal for your dealership’s TV Infomercial. We will include the latest airtime rates available from your local TV broadcast stations as well as information about how to capture the phone leads and have them pass seamlessly into your stores CRM tools.

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