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We Do ALL The Work

Our 20+ years of experience guarantees you can keep selling cars at your dealership while we work around your dealership process. It only takes us 8 hours. Click on IT’S EASY above and read more!

Have Talent / Will Travel

The script is already written. And our TV Host / Director arrives with our production team ready to work. In fact you would think HE OWNS tour dealership by the way he conducts himself with your employee’s as well as your customers. Click on OUR TALENT and read more.

The 30 Minute TV Bargain

The biggest fact which continues to surprise every dealership we work with is the cost of the airtime. Dealers are simply blown away at how affordable 30 Minute time slots are on broadcast TV stations in their market. Read more by clicking on INEXPENSIVE AIRTIME.


Request a performance-based proposal and see the historical projection of actual leads your dealership can expect from your local TV market. The beauty of 30 Minute Paid Programming is the TRACKABILITY of this form of Direct Response TV Advertising. MDR Television Inc. also provides YouTube content development and management as well as Facebook content development and management. Visit MDR Social for more information about our social Facebook process for automotive dealerships.

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